Wednesday, 22 August 2012

GUI snippet version 7

It's been a while since the last version of the snippet, and I've since been working on other things.  But a few issues came up recently, so over the week I decided to create a new version with a few updates.  You can grab the latest version from here (or from MudBytes once they accept the latest submission).

• Tyche pointed out that the snippet didn't correctly respond to client-initiated negotiation.  This has now been corrected.

• A side-effect of the above change is that ECHO is now handled through the snippet.

• MSDP and ATCP could be used without negotiation.  Although this wouldn't really cause any problems, it was sloppy, and has now been fixed.

• I noticed most people didn't use the colours, instead preferring to use their existing Lopes-style implementations.  The snippet can now emulate that style of colour system, and includes an extended selection of default colours.

• MUSHclient wouldn't fully negotiate if it was set to autoconnect, and the same may be true of other clients.  The snippet will now attempt to renegotiate in such cases.

• Someone complained that "public domain" isn't always legally recognised, so I've clarified that the snippet can be used for any purpose without any conditions.

If you're updating from an older version of the snippet, please don't forget to make a backup of your MSSP and MSDP variables before copying the latest version, and update the appropriate literals for your mud name, MCCP, etc (in fact I'd recommend doing a diff just to make sure you don't miss anything).  You'll need to update to use the new ProtocolNoEcho() function (instructions are in the installation text files), but other than that you shouldn't need to make any additional changes to the rest of your mud.