Saturday, 19 November 2011

GUI snippet version 6

Version 6 is now available from MudBytes, and contains the following minor changes:

  • Removed a stray semicolon.

The "if ( !pProtocol->bMSDP );" statement had a semicolon at the end, which should be removed.  This bug has very little impact, as MSDP already overrides ATCP, but it does mean that if the user's client supports both MSDP and ATCP, they will be sent the SERVER_ID variable twice.

  • Made it easier to add MCCP support.

Quite a few muds already support MCCP, and had trouble getting it working with the snippet - particularly if they were using copyover as well.  So I've improved the documentation and made it easier to integrate.

  • Made several minor updates to the installation instructions.

The INSTALL_MERC.TXT had actually been written for GodWars rather than Merc, and relied on a couple of GodWars-specific changes.  It's been updated to work with both, and now also defines MSDP_CLASS.  The INSTALL_TBA.TXT instructions now define MSDP_CLASS as well.

  • Added an INSTALL_ROM.TXT.

Although the ROM instructions are very similar to Merc, there are a few minor differences, and someone had trouble adding it to their ROM derivative.  So I added another set of installation instructions.

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