Monday, 24 January 2011

Mudlet GUI: 24-Jan-2011

Redid the health, mana and actions energy bars (below the text window) to use the same style as the MUSHclient plugin, using a stylesheet to create the gradients - very different to the way I did it before.  The text labels had to be drawn on top manually, as they were too small for the built-in gauge labels, and the black outlines (to make the text clearer to read) also had to be done manually.  I had to specify each colour for the gradients, so after doing green I just shuffled the RGB values around to speed it up - at some point I'll go over it properly and get the slightly brighter red for health and the blue-purple for mana.

(click image to enlarge)

The primal bar (the long one at the very bottom) is going to be a bit more tricky, as it's a two-step energy bar - it uses gold and silver to distinguish between safe and regular primal.

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