Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mudlet GUI: 23-Feb-2011

The map borders are now separate images that are drawn onto the background, as is the sunrise image (the trail that the sun/moon follows).

I've added the sun/moon icon above the maps, along with the current time.  There's still a slight problem with the sun/moon being drawn over the map when it rises and sets, I need to find some way to draw it behind instead (so that it appears to rise up from under the map, and set back down below the map).

(click image to enlarge)


  1. I request you change the frickin hotkey buttons to allow them to enter multiple commands. This is based on the fact that swapping macros is a bitch. But other then that, excellent work so far

  2. Yeah I will, but that's all handled at the mud end.

    I also wondered about shrinking the hotkeys and fitting in some tabs for stuff like "score", "equipment", etc - so it would actually open up a new window with the info on it. Not sure if that'd make it look too cluttered though.

  3. I would love a score button, and an inventory counter would be nice too, to know when you are approaching 20 items